Welcome to Thee Search For God Ministry, we hope you enjoy our site, we are a new ministry and will be adding pages and lessons and a book coming soon, in the meantime we welcome your feedback. Our goal is to bring people closer to God and teach the Trinity. It's my hope to help you understand the tricks of Satan and the truth of Christ's divine nature.

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 Thee Search for God Messianic Christian School for the serious student or disciple. A non-denominational making disciples of Jesus or Yeshua.  Certificates of Ordination.
The teachings of William T. Underwood Jr. and the Master Lord Jesus Christ. To love your christian brothers and be apart from the people of the world or unbelievers.

Lessons $12.00  U.S  Dollars
Test and Diploma $100.00  U.S. Dollars
Ordainment  $150.00 U.S. Dollars
Fees may be waived if a poverty claim is approved on case by case basis. 

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William Underwood, Jr Author of Thee Search for God

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Our mailing address is Thee Search for God   P.O. Box 102  Harrah  Oklahoma 73045
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